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Bich Ngoc Le, D.D.S.
Emmy Mary Le, D.D.S.
Catherine Chi Pham, D.D.S.
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Basics

Wisdom teeth don't really have anything to do with how smart you are. Actually, they
are the last teeth to grow into the mouth, and some people may have one, two,
three or all four wisdom teeth growing in at the same time. This generally occurs
during the late teen years and into the early twenties (when we're supposed to be at
our optimal level for learning, hence their name).

In most cases, wisdom teeth erupt and grow into the rear of the upper and lower
jaw without any trouble, but sometimes, they may become impacted. An impacted
wisdom tooth may cause pain or difficulty chewing. Impacted wisdom teeth may
also put enough pressure on other teeth to send them out of alignment. This
impaction is caused by many factors, including:

•        Jaws too small to accommodate the new teeth
•        Wisdom teeth that have not fully erupted through the gum
•        A wisdom tooth that is prevented from erupting because of the presence of
another tooth blocking its path

Common Wisdom Tooth Impaction Problems

In many cases, a wisdom tooth extraction may be necessary. Many different
scenarios are common, including:

•        Soft Tissue Impaction – the wisdom tooth has erupted through bone, but not
the gums
•        Vertical Impaction - the wisdom tooth doesn't grow down into the mouth
•        Horizontal Impaction – the wisdom tooth is in the wrong position, and lying
horizontally, or perpendicular to the gum line
•        Mesio-Angular Impaction – this is the most common type of wisdom tooth
impaction, and occurs when the tooth is angled forward toward the front of the

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure

An impacted wisdom tooth should be extracted to help prevent misalignment,
crowding of teeth, tooth decay, infections and pain. Steps for removing an impacted
wisdom tooth are fairly similar to those for non-impacted wisdom teeth, which

•        Numbing through local anesthesia in the area of tooth extraction
•        Access to a non-exposed wisdom tooth through the gum tissue covering the
•        The tooth may be sectioned into pieces, or a minute portion of bone
surrounding and holding the tooth into place may be removed
•        The tooth is then removed completely using special tools

Who Benefits from Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Anyone who is suffering from the pain of an impacted wisdom tooth will benefit from
a wisdom tooth extraction. Older children and teens who have worn braces to
straighten teeth will also benefit from wisdom tooth extraction because doing so
will prevent misalignment.