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Bich Ngoc Le, D.D.S.
Emmy Mary Le, D.D.S.
Catherine Chi Pham, D.D.S.
Porcelain Bridges or Implants – Enhancing Your Smile and Chewing Function

A beautiful smile encourages confidence and sets a good first impression when
meeting new people or that special someone. Many of us suffer from damaged or
missing teeth that affect more than just our smile, and cause pain, speech
problems, or chewing difficulties. The two options of Porcelain Bridge or Implant
are custom-fitted procedures to replace teeth that have been lost due to damage or
injury, and are common permanent cosmetic dental procedures.

Porcelain Bridge Procedure

The most common procedure for replacing missing teeth is a traditional Porcelain
Bridge which can be completed in two dental appointments over a couple of weeks.

•        Your dentist will first determine the health of your remaining teeth and gums.
He or she will examine the area surrounding your missing tooth or teeth in order to
establish whether your jaw structure will support the bridgework.
•        At the first appointment, the teeth adjacent to the space caused by the missing
tooth or teeth will be modified as anchors (abutments) for the Bridge and an
impression of the area taken.
•        Temporary crowns are made for the modified teeth.
•        A qualified dental lab will fabricate the Porcelain Bridge which is made up of
crowns (abutments) connected to a fake tooth (pontic).
•        At the second appointment, the Porcelain Bridge is delivered and cemented
permanently onto the modified teeth.

Implant Procedure

A relatively newer procedure, which is becoming more common for the replacement
of a missing tooth or several teeth are Implants.  This procedure is completed in
several appointments over a period of several months.  

•        An implant consists of three physical parts: the Implant Body, the Restorative
Abutment, and the Implant Crown that fits on top.
•        At the first appointment, the Implant Body is placed into the bone of the jaw
and the area is protected to allow for bone to naturally integrate with the implant
surface over the course of several months.
•        As invasive as the procedure may seem, there is minimal discomfort
associated which is well-controlled with pain medication.
•        At the second appointment, after complete integration of the implant body with
the jaw bone has taken place, a Restorative Abutment is connected on top of the
implant body and an impression taken.
•        A qualified dental lab will then fabricate the Implant Crown to fit onto the
restorative abutment.
•        At the next appointment, the Implant Crown is cemented permanently.

Who Benefits from Porcelain Bridges or Implants?

A porcelain bridge or an implant not only restores a captivating smile, but may also
address and alleviate chewing, swallowing, and speech difficulties. The timely
replacement of missing teeth restores balanced bite pressure on the remaining
natural teeth, chewing function, and reduces the risks for jaw joint disorders and
periodontal disease.  Everyone, young or old benefits from these procedures.