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Bich Ngoc Le, D.D.S.
Emmy Mary Le, D.D.S.
Catherine Chi Pham, D.D.S.
Dentures have been used to replace missing teeth for hundreds of years, but the
21st century has brought with it technology that has created more choices when it
comes to denture materials than ever before. Numerous adhesive products enable
individuals to eat ever widening types of foods without the pain or discomfort
experienced by denture wearers as little as a generation ago.

Two types of dentures are readily available:

•        Complete dentures are typically used when all the teeth are missing
  o        Conventional
  o        Immediate
Partial dentures are typically used when some natural teeth remain

Depending on the condition of your teeth and gums, your dentist will determine
whether partial or complete dentures are needed. Immediate dentures, made
ahead of time and positioned in place at the time teeth are removed, provide
temporary teeth while the healing process from tooth extraction occurs. This type of
denture will require adjustments to ensure that dentures continue to fit properly
after the healing process is complete.

Conventional dentures are made after teeth have been pulled and gum tissue has
healed.  These are considered permanent and don't require frequent adjustments.

Partial dentures include a permanent bridge that replaces one or more teeth.
Attaching replacement teeth to a plastic base and metal framework that fits securely
to existing teeth forms this removable bridge.

Who Benefits from Complete or Partial Dentures?

Anyone who suffers from a loss of one or more teeth may benefit from partial
dentures.  To prevent tooth decay and gum disease, dentists will often recommend
tooth extraction and denture fittings to help promote oral health well into our senior